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What do REAL customers say about EQ?

After taking Equilibrate, I’ve decreased my usage of Imitrex intake to anywhere between 5-9 a month, and when I get migraines, they are not nearly as severe.
B.H. Toledo, OH
After taking EQ for the past 2 months, I've experience no unusual side effects. I've been feeling less irritated, more alert and have more energy during the day. I'm also sleeping better!
W.L. San Deigo, CA
I’ve been taking antidepressants for years and I never thought I’d be able to get off of them.With the Equilibrate I’m free of the anti-depressant med and feeling great!
P.W. Portland, OR


What makes our products so exceptional?

Our patients demand results, and they get them!

When your body isn’t working the way it should, it is either lacking the optimal amount of nutrients or is affected by an environmental insult that is preventing the body from carrying out normal biological processes.

We use nutritional therapy in our clinical practices every day and the formulas we use work for their intended purpose.

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