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Acne: Who am I? And what have you done with my skin?

When I was a teenager – stuck in the “awkward” stage of life, I remember looking in the mirror and wondering how in the world my face could go from a clear complexion the day before, to this face full of zits overnight. Unfortunately, for kids it’s a rite of passage. Not only do they […]

Blisters 101 – How to deal with the inevitable pest

Hey! It’s blister day! For those of you who are concerned about what a blister is and what you should do about it, this short bit of info is for you. If you were ever a kid or you have a kid or a tribe of them, you know that skin eruptions are an everyday […]

Hangnails: Getting Rid of a Fingernail Pest

I bet that you’ve never used the term “paronychia” when talking about your fingernails. Paronychia makes me think of a scientific name I’d long forgotten in Biology class and frankly it’s kind of gross-sounding. So let’s use the common and familiar term hangnail because everyone knows what that is. Most women (and a few guys) […]