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Science or Common Sense?

Lately I’ve been reading material from critics of my chosen profession because I’m trying to become better at what I do. If I know what their criticism is, I can make myself better by understanding both sides and coming up with better solutions. I am constantly prone to settling into my own set of views […]

Your Leptin Levels Are Elevated

Leptin is one of the most influential hormones in the regulation of fat stores in our bodies. It is secreted by adipocytes (fat cells) and is used as a “signaling molecule” from the to the brain. Leptin is secreted into bloodstream from the adipocytes. When it reaches the hypothalamus gland in your brain, it binds […]


My personal experience with mobility and movement I’ve recently become interested in the concept of movement and mobility and its relationship to our health. Because I practice physical medicine, I constantly watch others move. I’m fascinated by how people develop their movement patterns and I’ve become pretty good at identifying problematic ones. When it comes […]

Food Sensitivities

As mentioned in the article, “The 16 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight”, food sensitivities may play a role in weight retention. You won’t find many studies to prove this point but I’ve seen it in clinical practice and if you look up the search terms “gut immunology,” and “gut permeability” you will find associations between […]

Why You Eat Too Much Food

This is one of the topics I wanted to tease out as part of The 16 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight. It should be no surprise to anyone that too much food will make you fat. But some people never think about what it takes for their body to burn through the food they eat. […]

Is Breakfast A Good Idea

Everyone says you should eat breakfast. I tell my kids to always eat breakfast because their brains need the fuel. Studies tell us that people who eat breakfast tend to have a lower body mass index. They say that most people who skip breakfast tend to eat more calories later in the day to make […]

Hangnails: Getting Rid of a Fingernail Pest

I bet that you’ve never used the term “paronychia” when talking about your fingernails. Paronychia makes me think of a scientific name I’d long forgotten in Biology class and frankly it’s kind of gross-sounding. So let’s use the common and familiar term hangnail because everyone knows what that is. Most women (and a few guys) […]

You Eat The Wrong Foods

There shouldn’t be too many surprises here but if you’re new to this kind of information you might find a gem or two. Admittedly, any food if eaten too much can cause health issues but I’m focusing on the foods people tend to have the most problems with their everyday diets. We all eat foods […]

Clinical Brief – Depression

There is no doubt that the condition we associate with the word “depression” has always been part of human existence. What we call depression is not a feeling in and of itself, rather, it is a suboptimal biochemical imbalance that we perceive and interpret as a feeling. Throughout recorded history, we have attempted to name […]