When I was in medical school, we were taught to withhold information from patients because, the instructors said, “too much information will confuse patients.” I struggled with that idea because I’ve always felt that more information leads to better thinking and helps people solve problems. We give patients as much information as they can absorb during a visit, and they usually leave our offices with a complete understanding of what it takes to get better.

Physicians and practitioners rely on continuing education, seminars, and clinical research to keep them abreast of the latest trends and techniques in medicine. Some of this information is found on websites that contain ebooks and direct links to full journal articles, much like an online library. Licensed health professionals can use these websites, but access is fairly expensive. We constantly glean information from these sources and bring what we’ve learned into clinical practice so we can help our patients heal quickly and fully.

Many people struggle to know which information is reliable and useful and which information is inaccurate and detrimental to their health decisions. Therefore, they rely on their physician to dispense that information, or they find websites they trust in an attempt to piece together diagnoses or treatment plans on their own. Sometimes, this is an effective strategy, but other times, this strategy can lead to problems. Because of this, we decided to provide information, in addition to products we carry, that is reliable and extremely useful. We are listing the same information here that a patient would receive in our office. The information we provide is backed by research and clinical experience.

We share information in the form of treatment protocols, video interviews, and blog posts from the authors of this site, as well as from some of the best health practitioners we know of. Whether you are looking for a natural anxiety treatment, alternative treatments for depression, or just a natural vitamin that could help you improve your quality of life, turn to us.

Please enjoy our site and return frequently for updates.