Jenna’s Pack (The biogenic products Jenna uses)

EQ – Powerful Brain Supplement
Metabolic Energy – For Your Energy

Jenna’s got a demanding job.

Just like many young executives out there Jenna’s job is demanding. Jenna’s no stranger to 12 hour days, her company is experiencing a lot of growth, and she intends on working hard so she can take advantage of that growth and improve her career. Jenna is doing great, but it’s not been without some difficulties. Jenna has had a mild bout with Depression and sometimes struggles to find enough energy to make it through the long days of high-stress meetings and demanding employees.

Jenna uses Metabolic Energy to give her that extra boost she needs each day, and EQ to help keep her mental clarity and help fight the occasional mild depression.

Jenna chooses Biogenic Nutrition because she knows the products are made with only the highest quality ingredients and are physician formulated by people that know what they are doing.

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