Let me ask you some simple questions.

  • mental-clarity-post-imageDo you feel sluggish off and on during the day?
  • Do you NEED coffee every morning, or even throughout the day to stay “on”?
  • Do you suffer from what’s called “Brain Fog”?
  • Have you been feeling that your “focus” is slipping over the past few years?

If you answered yes or sometimes to ANY of these questions there is a pretty good chance you’re dealing with what we call “mental fatigue”.

Mental fatigue may be one of the most overlooked and underestimated problems Americans face today.

Sound serious?

Heck yes it’s serious!

Do you think I’m overstating this? I’m not. Mental fatigue is linked to lower job productivity, car accidents, plane crashes, mistakes at your local pharmacy, even mishaps in the 103339633surgery room. The bottom line is If you’re hard working, and trying to balance family, work, money, and personal interests, chances are pretty good mental fatigue affecting you, and that’s a problem.

The real issue here is that mental fatigue is SO common it’s actually becoming part of our culture. Sometimes it’s even turned into a twisted badge of honor. We’ve all heard someone basically brag about how tired, stressed, and overextended they are. For some strange reason this is generally just accepted as part of life.

Ok, that’s the bad news, but here’s the good news.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Mental fatigue can often be overcome.

Let me get a little “medical” for a second, and talk about what causes this issue so many struggle with.

Mental fatigue is almost always caused by poor sleep patterns and neurotransmitter imbalance. You’re thinking duh, So get more sleep right. Oh how I wish it were that easy!

Unfortunately, poor sleep patterns are often caused by poor circadian rhythm, or inability to get enough Stage 5 REM sleep. All too often doctors recommend just “getting more sleep”, however, this is easier said than done and as a doctor, many of my patients have great difficulty improving their sleep without help. Neurotransmitter imbalance is even more difficult, and can be caused by environmental factors or even genetics.

When these neurotransmitters are balanced, we perform well and we feel good.
When the neurotransmitters are out of balance, we don’t feel well, and we don’t perform well either.

So what does all that mean?

Mental fatigue happens when we don’t sleep well and our neurotransmitters are out of balance.

neurotransmittersThis is one of the main reasons why we created EQ. After years of research, We came up with our own product, and we’ve been using it for over six years in practice. We’ve seen thousands of people who were “mentally spent” take our product and within four weeks become people with the kind of energy they haven’t had in years. We’ve seen people reach levels of productivity in their personal and professional lives they have never achieved before after taking EQ.

Mental fatigue is no joke, and if you have experienced it, you know what I mean. After my mother died, during my last year in medical school, I went into a pretty big funk, and I was barely able to muster up enough energy to finish my degree and get through my board exams. In the following months I took some time off to heal, and later that year, I discovered amino acid therapy and began to research it. It was that research that led to the creation of EQ.

If you, like me, and millions of other Americans out there struggling with this very serious issue I encourage you to try EQ for a month or two and see if it makes a difference. If you think your indicators are more serious I recommend talking to your doctor about them, mental fatigue can often be a sign of something more serious, you owe it to yourself to look into it.

Helping people with this condition and others like it so they can be and perform the way they deserve to perform is a passion of mine, I love this stuff! I love helping people and making a difference in the world.

If you REALLY want to dig in and learn more about mental fatigue and other related issues, please feel free to download this free paper on the topic by clicking here.

Regardless, you owe it to yourself and your family to pay attention to this common problem most of us face every day.


What do REAL customers say about EQ?

After taking Equilibrate, I’ve decreased my usage of Imitrex intake to anywhere between 5-9 a month, and when I get migraines, they are not nearly as severe.
B.H. / Toledo, OH
After taking EQ for the past 2 months, I've experience no unusual side effects. I've been feeling less irritated, more alert and have more energy during the day. I'm also sleeping better!
W.L. / San Deigo, CA
I’ve been taking antidepressants for years and I never thought I’d be able to get off of them.With the Equilibrate I’m free of the anti-depressant med and feeling great!
P.W. / Portland, OR

5 thoughts on “Why your “Brain Fog” could be a signal of something much worse.

  1. Suzie Daniels says:

    I’m so glad I found this site 6 months ago. I was reluctant, but purchased EQ. After about 3 weeks or so I started to notice a massive difference, thank you so much for creating this product, and this article is another great example from you guys!


  2. Alice B says:

    If you guys ever do not have EQ in stock, I’m going to probably freak out. No, I’m not addicted. This product doesn’t cause addiction. But what this product does do, is give my imperfect brain the right grub to not be a total south end to the world. Praise the God in heaven, he allowed EQ to be shipped to my door. Its changed my life. I don’t ever want to go back. I may just order extra bottles, the stuff is gold. As soon as others start figuring it out, there will be a run on EQ, I’m certain of that.

  3. Barb Trevett says:

    Very intrigued and interested. Out of funds at the moment. Keep in touch. Anxiety and depression since 1992 and definitely brain fog and mental fatigue worse in past 6 years. Would like more info

    • Chris Behnke says:

      I would like to quickly respond to your comment below regarding your use of Equilibrate. The stomach issue you had with our product is a very common one and we should have done a better job on addressing that on our website. Please accept our sincere apologies for that failure. We will fix this ASAP.

      This supplement often causes mild but sometimes intolerable stomach upset for the first week of dosing and its likely due to the increase in and temporary effect of serotonin in the gut. For this reason we recommend that our patients take the supplement as suggested on the bottle with food. We have found that people who develop symptoms with 4 caps twice daily cut the dose in half for at least a week and then increase by 1 capsule per dose per week until they are able to tolerate the suggested dosing. So, start with 2 caps twice daily for a week then go to 3 caps twice daily for a week then follow dosing suggestions on the bottle. Almost everyone we’ve worked with has been able to tolerate the supplement when following these instructions. We are very excited to offer this product to the public and hope that this information has helped you. Take care and let me know if you have any more questions.

      Dr. Hyatt

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