Through years of experience in clinical practice we discovered that many of the supplements on the market don’t work for their intended purpose. We grew tired of spending money on products that didn’t work. In fact, our rule of thumb in our offices is, if the patient doesn’t notice improvement when taking our products, we won’t sell it.

Our patients want to be healthy and they depend on products that produce results. Along the way, we decided to start formulating condition-specific products that we could use to help our patients heal. In 2009, we began manufacturing a product called EQ (formerly Equilibrate), and we have used it extensively in clinical practice. In addition, we have identified several more products that we confidently use for supporting various conditions and we get great results with them too.

This website features products that work for their intended purpose, products that you can trust to make a difference.Clinically Tested

We stand behind the products we promote and will give a 100% refund of the purchase price – no questions asked if you are not fully satisfied.