Understanding Depression

Depression is a difficult disease that many people struggle to push through. According to the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance, it’s estimated that depression affects 14.8 million American adults in a year. As far as scientists know, there is no one direct cause of depression. However, we do know that biology is related to depression, […]

What Leads to Energy Loss?

At one point or another, just about everyone has felt really, truly exhausted. This type of exhaustion doesn’t just come from a lack of sleep or a particularly restless night—it often stems from a much greater issue. What could be the cause? If you find yourself feeling regularly fatigued, check for the following issues: Lifestyle […]

Clinical Brief – Addiction

Reward, drug dependence and addiction Today, I would like to talk about the basic reward mechanism in the human brain and its relationship to drug dependence, and addiction.  I will also briefly introduce what current research tells us about the neurochemistry of these conditions and provide some insight into what can be done to improve […]

Blisters 101 – How to deal with the inevitable pest

Hey! It’s blister day! For those of you who are concerned about what a blister is and what you should do about it, this short bit of info is for you. If you were ever a kid or you have a kid or a tribe of them, you know that skin eruptions are an everyday […]

Clinical Brief – Insomnia

When sleep is a nightmare, do this… I was excited to talk about sleep because I’ve suffered from periods of insomnia and I know how frustrating it is to wake up day after day without an adequate dose of shut eye. I go to bed by 10:45 most nights, I don’t eat too late, it’s […]

Clinical Brief – Migraine

What is Migraine? I know, you’re thinking I’ve misspelled the word “migraine” and should have used an “s” to make it “migraines”.  Well, let’s correct this common mistake first before moving on. Migraines with an “s” is an inappropriate use of the word. You’ll still see this misspelled all the time on the internet but […]

Science or Common Sense?

Lately I’ve been reading material from critics of my chosen profession because I’m trying to become better at what I do. If I know what their criticism is, I can make myself better by understanding both sides and coming up with better solutions. I am constantly prone to settling into my own set of views […]

Your Leptin Levels Are Elevated

Leptin is one of the most influential hormones in the regulation of fat stores in our bodies. It is secreted by adipocytes (fat cells) and is used as a “signaling molecule” from the to the brain. Leptin is secreted into bloodstream from the adipocytes. When it reaches the hypothalamus gland in your brain, it binds […]


My personal experience with mobility and movement I’ve recently become interested in the concept of movement and mobility and its relationship to our health. Because I practice physical medicine, I constantly watch others move. I’m fascinated by how people develop their movement patterns and I’ve become pretty good at identifying problematic ones. When it comes […]