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Clinical Brief – Insomnia

When sleep is a nightmare, do this… I was excited to talk about sleep because I’ve suffered from periods of insomnia and I know how frustrating it is to wake up day after day without an adequate dose of shut eye. I go to bed by 10:45 most nights, I don’t eat too late, it’s […]

The 16 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight:

Chances are, if you are struggling to keep from gaining weight or struggling to lose weight, you have been on the internet searching for answers.  Likely, you’ve also tried more diets than you care to admit and my guess is you’re sick of the poor results you are getting. For this reason, I am going […]

Why You Don’t Get Enough Sleep

Some people are able to go to sleep without thinking about it. The sun goes down, it gets dark outside, fatigue sets in and they go to bed. Others have to resort to medication, supplements and the use of background noise to get to sleep. Sleep is an extremely complex process driven by changing states […]