There shouldn’t be too many surprises here but if you’re new to this kind of information you might find a gem or two. Admittedly, any food if eaten too much can cause health issues but I’m focusing on the foods people tend to have the most problems with their everyday diets.

We all eat foods that are “of the devil” on occasion but it’s the frequency and the amount of these foods that can get us in trouble. I tell my patients all of the time that if your body is in good health, you can eat crappy foods on occasion and get away with it. But most of us can’t indulge every day without suffering consequences.

So what are the wrong foods to eat? The answer is, your body is telling you every day what is wrong and right, but you probably aren’t listening.

As I’ve mentioned in the post “The 16 Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight” corn syrup is the “bad boy” of unhealthy ingredients we consume too much of. It has been proven in studies to increase appetite despite what the multi-national conglomerates are telling us on television. Michael Pollan, on his website makes a great case for demonizing corn syrup simply because of its use as a tool in gaining power over the food supply, but it truly is a nasty ingredient and you should never eat it if possible.

The list below can also cause problems when eaten too much:

  • Dairy – The dairy industry is full of it. Unless you’re a nursing baby calf, you don’t make the enzyme called rennet. This enzyme breaks down casein, a large complex molecule that many of us can’t fully digest. It causes a lot of problems in the body. In addition, Lactose is a milk sugar that 30% of us can’t break down because we lack the ability to make enough of the enzyme lactase.
  • Gluten – a major cause of auto-immune disease and inflammation. If you suspect a problem you should get tested. My favorite test is found at
    Soy – another ubiquitous ingredient in the food supply. Stay away from unfermented soy if at all possible.
  • Processed sugars and flour – I combine these because they are both end up looking the same to the body. They both enter the bloodstream rapidly and cause a spike in glucose and insulin.
    High glycemic index foods – here is a general category of foods that cause a rapid rise in blood sugar (similar to processed sugar and flour). Click here to search for the glycemic index of foods: Basically, the more rapidly a food is converted to glucose, the higher glycemix index it will have. Search for foods that have lower glycemic indexes.
    Inflammatory foods – there is a book called: “The Anti-inflammation Diet Cookbook” by Jessica Black ND. In this book, she lists the main inflammatory foods and a bunch of really good recipes using foods that arent’ likely to cause inflammation. I recommend this to anyone who wants to understand how foods can make or break your health.

If you can manage to control your intake of the above foods, you will have taken an important step in gaining control of your health.

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